Gaggenau has created a unique sensorial experience at Restaurant 1683. The exclusive event sends guests back 333 years to the mystery of the Black Forest, where untold culinary luxury awaits.

Here are ten unique things only at Restaurant 1683.

  1. The Sounds of Cesare Cera

    Those who attend the luxurious dining experience at Restaurant 1683 will enjoy the musical talents of Cesare Cera. A DJ known for his diverse musical style, Cera has crafted a special playlist that provides the soundscape and soundtrack of Restaurant 1683, adding a modern element to the traditional atmosphere of the Black Forest.

  2. Cuckoo Clock

    Upon arriving to Restaurant 1683, guests are greeted with an image that is distinctly German: the cuckoo clock. This introduces the concept of German history as guests step through the entrance and straight into the mythical beginnings of Gaggenau.

  3. Cuckoo Mädchen in Traditional Costume

    The introduction to the German history of Gaggenau continues with a real-life cuckoo mädchen who greets guests to Restaurant 1683. In traditional Black Forest dress, including the formal pompom-topped headdress known as a Bollenhut, she ushers guests into the Restaurant.

  4. Blacksmith’s Forge and Cocktail Bar

    Guests expecting to be taken back 333 years to the birthplace of Gaggenau will find so much more at Restaurant 1683. The cocktail bar resembles an authentic blacksmith’s forge, where unique shop-inspired cocktails like the Queen Bee (Black Forest beer, honey and malt vinegar) await.

  5. Black Forest Inspired Cuisine and Cocktails

    Restaurant 1683 delivers an authentic dining experience for guests by utilizing regional traditions, ingredients and inspirations. Prepared by Michelin star chefs, a six-course meal consisting of rustic yet exquisite dishes take guests to the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

  6. Chef Bryce Shuman

    An exceptional dining experience requires exceptional chefs. One Michelin Star Chef Bryce Shuman prepares cuisine tableside, evoking and elevating the intimacy that one would expect at the exclusive Restaurant 1683.

  7. Chef Daniel Humm

    Working tableside, Three Michelin Star Chef Daniel Humm applies his culinary talents to elevate the Restaurant 1683 experience. Merging traditional and modern inspiration, Humm creates saporous cuisine befitting 333-years of precision and passion.

  8. 333 Years of Precision Craftsmanship

    Three centuries of innovation unfold as guests journey to the origins of Gaggenau at Restaurant 1683. Everything from the cuisine to the handcrafted wooden aesthetic evokes the quality and precision craftsmanship that Gaggenau embodies, the same qualities put into that very first nail 333 years ago.

  9. Multi-Sensory Culinary Experience

    The exquisite six-course meal itself is but one element that makes up the multi-sensory experience of Restaurant 1683. Guests can hear the hammering of a blacksmith, feel cool mist on their skin—providing the perfect aromatic accompaniment to the regionally inspired modern cuisine served by the chefs.

  10. The Black Forest in Manhattan

    No other venue in the world can offer a visit to the Black Forest, Gaggenau’s birthplace, hundreds of years ago. Restaurant 1683 has the ability to embark 48 guests on a culinary journey, transporting them to a mythical location that is in stark contrast to the urban hustle and bustle of modern-day Manhattan.

Although the origins of Gaggenau took place over three hundred years ago, the majesty and mystery of Gaggenau can be experienced at Restaurant 1683.

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