The Black Forest, the birthplace of Gaggenau 333 years ago, comes to life in Manhattan. Gaggenau delivers a truly immersive culinary experience, recreating not only the atmosphere of the original Black Forest, but also capturing the very essence that inspired such culinary excellence.

Explore this unprecedented immersive experience, from hand-forged beginnings to the pinnacle of culinary luxury, on a journey through the Black Forest, at Restaurant 1683.

The Legacy Comes to Life

The name “Gaggenau” carries with it the full, weighty presence of its rich, historical namesake, the small German town in the Black Forest. The diligence of its population, as well as the resources supplied by the surrounding Black Forest, enabled the town to begin a history of industry, from humble ironworks and agricultural machinery followed by Badenia bicycles and enamel signage. This progression of innovation eventually led to the pioneering of the enamel oven, which Gaggenau now utilizes to deliver culinary excellence.

Those same sentiments and regional resources used to grow that small German town into a culinary pioneer have been carefully applied to the construction of the Black Forest at Restaurant 1683, transforming the small, exclusive Manhattan site into an authentic, immersive luxury culinary experience.

Constructing a Forest in Manhattan: Creating Restaurant 1683

In the bustling New York City borough of Manhattan, thousands of miles away from Gaggenau’s humble birthplace, Gaggenau created a dining occasion equally historic and innovative. Collaborating with architect Hendrik Müller, set designer Stefan Beckman, and Chef Daniel Humm, Gaggenau Restaurant 1683 achieves an unprecedented multi-sensory culinary experience.

Everything from the Chelsea art gallery of the dining site itself to the culinary elements were carefully selected to exude a refined and mysterious, yet comfortable, ambience. Restaurant 1683 utilizes the purity of nature to open the senses for the extraordinary food prepared by the chefs. As such, guests feel the cool mist on their skin, the feel of the forest floor beneath their feet, and hear the distant, evocative sound of the forge hammering away from somewhere within the forest, all while dining on exquisite dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients and the finest luxury appliances in the world.

From the Blacksmith Forge into the Future

What began with the forging of a single nail became the leading culinary luxury brand in the world. Gaggenau and the Black Forest, both elements of equal importance to the creation of Restaurant 1683, offer an experience without equal to delight the senses and stimulate the imagination.

The first in a series of Restaurant 1683 pop-up events to unfold over the next 3 years, Gaggenau continues to drive culinary culture with luxury, precision and innovation.

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