A Look Into The Multi-Sensory Culinary Experience of Restaurant 1683

Exquisite cuisine is not the only thing worth experiencing at Gaggenau’s new pop-up, Restaurant 1683. Gaggenau takes guests on an immersive journey with real forestry, rushing water, and ambient soundscapes to create an unprecedented multi-sensory dining experience.

Immersive Sights

Restaurant 1683 is a feast for the eyes. Real trees and foliage intertwine with modern architecture to recreate the Black Forest. Gaggenau combines beauty and function to craft an experience that arouses the viewer’s imagination with lush vegetation and luxury appliances. Warm lighting and soft shadows evoke the mystery of the Black Forest transporting guests hundreds of years back to the birthplace of Gaggenau.

Authentic Sounds

The carefully curated ambient soundscape takes guests on an auditory journey that captivates the ears. Upon entering, guests will hear more than just the sizzle of locally sourced ingredients on a Gaggenau stovetop – they will experience the resounding reverberations of metal being pounded between hammer and anvil, as well as water cascading down standing waterfalls. The blend of authentic sounds evokes the senses to experience the historical legacy of Gaggenau.

Exquisite Smells and Tastes

Luxury cuisine takes center stage of Restaurant 1683’s multi-sensory experience. An exquisite menu is prepared tableside by Three Star Michelin Chef Daniel Humm and One Star Michelin Chef Bryce Shuman. Hand-crafted dishes tantalize the senses with the promise of flavors to come.

The Knockturnal calls Restaurant 1683 “a multi-sensory experience like no other.” The multi-sensory experience captivates every sense and fascinates the mind with sounds, smells, sights, and sensations that create a wholly unique and unprecedented atmosphere. Gaggenau, the leader in culinary culture, continues to innovate luxury and precision with Restaurant 1683, the latest addition to their 333-year legacy.

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