Chef Daniel Humm Smiling

DEPARTURES | A Night at Restaurant 1683

The exclusive four-night pop-up experience from Gaggenau is an evocative celebration of three centuries worth of craftsmanship.

Portals to faraway lands come in many shapes—rainbows, wardrobes, DeLoreans. Last night saw the opening of another threshold in the form of Restaurant 1683: a four-night pop-up experience that equates to traveling between 17th-century Germany and the sleek present day.

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Gaggenau 1683 nail head on display at Restaurant 1683

SOTHEBY'S | A One-of-a-Kind Dining Experience with Gaggenau

The highly anticipated four-night pop-up delivered a culinary experience as uncompromisingly exquisite as the legacy that inspired it.

The restaurant’s environment transported visitors to the origins of Gaggenau. Forged of fire, wrought iron and the striking of a hammer, Restaurant 1683 brought the Black Forest to Manhattan with an interactive environment inspired by the immeasurable landscape and tradition of the region.

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Desktop Wallpaper for Gaggenau Restaurant 1683 immersive experience

WALLPAPER | Gaggenau Celebrates 333 Years with an Experiential Culinary Pop-Up

Guests are welcomed into an immersive sensory experience complete with wooded acreage while Three Michelin star Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park work tableside to create an unprecedented dining experience.

“I’m excited to be partnering with Gaggenau, a brand that is both timeless and forward moving,” says Daniel Humm.

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