With the same dedication and craftsmanship that hand-forged 333 years of precision and epicurean passion, Gaggenau presents a multi-sensory dining experience by invitation only. How does the pinnacle of culinary luxury invite two hundred extraordinary guests to an unprecedented dinner with chef Daniel Humm? With a single nail.

The Black Forest

In 1683, deep in the mystery of the Black Forest, a single nail was forged by hand and drawn to a perfectly even taper. That forging transformed the future of German craftsmanship. The Gaggenau journey, from the Black Forest to the pinnacle of culinary luxury, becomes tangible for the first time ever at Restaurant 1683. For guests, that journey begins with the Restaurant 1683 invitation.

The Exclusive Invitation

A single hand-delivered box carries the weight of 333 years of craftsmanship and innovation. The box is black, understated and elegant, with silver lettering across the front ribbon that reads, “Restaurant 1683.” As the ribbon is removed and the cover is lifted, a single nail is revealed, inviting one guest to enter the Black Forest on a historic journey of epicurean passion. Inside, the story of Gaggenau unfolds. “It began with a single nail.” These simple words are the humble beginning of a sensorial experience of unprecedented magnitude. These words, accompanied by the image of Gaggenau’s first nail, are the “once upon a time,” ushering guests into the mystery of another age.

Adorned with the 1683 namesake of Restaurant 1683, the nail is a reminder of the innovation that has forged and continues to define Gaggenau. The exclusive dinning event is a celebration of innovation, and a testament to uncompromising luxury design.

The story continues, as the hand- lettered card is removed, from the nail to the future of Gaggenau. Inside is a reminder of the forged progression, handcrafted precision and culinary passion that created the immersive dining experience at Restaurant 1683.

Experience Exquisite Cuisine

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the historic beginning of Gaggenau, from the blacksmithing of iron ore to the world’s most luxurious appliances. Chefs Daniel Humm and Bryce Shuman prepare seven inspired courses tableside while Will Guidara, Eamon Rockey, and the staff of Eleven Madison Park present a saporous pairing of exquisite cuisine. Set in the historic ambience of Gaggenau’s mystic beginnings, legacy meets modern precision in the atmosphere and artistry of Restaurant 1683 and the invitation that precedes it. The 333-year transformation of Gaggenau lives in every aspect of Restaurant 1683, from the hand delivered invitation to the final course. The difference is Gaggenau.

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